Thursday, February 08, 2007

To be flat or not to be flat, that is the question!!

A long time ago, in seemingly another place and time, there were some young girls who would go over to one of their houses during spares and on lunch time breaks to eat her parents ice cream. They always shared right out of the bucket, which to some may seem vulgar, but it was all part of the bonding experience. Now the girl to whose parents the ice cream belonged had and still has some tendancies to be well to put it bluntly Anal. The ice cream when eaten must be left flat, no gouges, not a spoon mark to be seen. Just flat.

Now fast forward into the future, into current space and time. Most have forgotton these trips to eat ice cream and be young high school girls, but not one of those girls...They all grew up and got married and had children of their own and that girl always took that anal tendancy for her own and continued to eat her ice cream, just like her best friend flat.

Now one day as the girl was changing her babies diaper, she opened the tub of diaper cream and gasped in horror as she realized that her husband had defiled the FLAT rule, there was a great finger full missing right out of the middle of the tub. Oh the momentary panic.....and then the shaking of the head as she thought back to those good old days when the silly hang up was passed on to her from her best friend.

At first she said, "oh it is all your fault, I can't believe you made me think like that"....then she thought, "thanks for the memories, thanks for the times that we had together, and thanks for the friendship that we still have so that we can still laugh over the same silly things."

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Jamie said...

Awwww - well written made me tear up and hey your welcome!!!!

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