Thursday, July 31, 2008

Time for a new roof!

Well this weekend is a long weekend coming up and the majority of it will be roofing. Well not me roofing, my hubby and some wonderful, wonderful people that are going to pitch in to help. I am not looking forward to the prospect though, as there will be a 2 year old running about and I am not sure how I am going to keep her happy. Keeping her in the house ALL the time is just not going to happen, she is a child of the outdoors and wants to be outside all the time! Which is an awesome thing under normal circumstances, but with nails and shingles flying around, not so awesome. Oh well, I suppose we will just do the best we can.

Speaking of roofing, I have a small annoyance to complain about. I am a fairly organized person, I write lists and make things generally happen fairly smoothly. Well, roofing is not my forte so I have had to give up complete control in this matter. I can already see where my hubby hasn't got everything ready to go, hasn't called to borrow this, or that. I know that it will happen, and it will get done, but I really do believe that I could have helped make things run more smoothly. However, one does not want to ride someones butt, especially when I know nothing about the situation. I guess we shall have to see how it all turns out.

I think this is an issue that I have to work on in every day life too, relinquishing control to circumstance, to my hubby. I tend to have everything figured out for him and Gracie, and maybe I need to not do that quite as much. I would be less stressed as well!! I can just worry about me and my plans and not everyone else's.

Relationships sure do take a lot of work, it is such an ongoing battle. Some days, it is very hard to see the fruits of our labour, but then of course there are other days where having those relationships are such a joy! Thank God for those moments of joy, keeping me motivated!!

My child comes out with the most ridiculous things. Last night as we were going to bed, I asked her to tell me about her day. She told me of grocery shopping with Grandpa (I conveniently go grocery shopping at the same place and on the same day as my folks and Grandpa takes Gracie with him, which leaves me free!!!) and him showing her the fish in Wal-mart.
Then she told of going to McDonalds (guilty as charged) and how her "eyes went" and her "ears went" and her "nose went" and her "knees went" and her "eyebrows went" and her "nipples went".......


Anonymous said...

Nipples went??? he he he too funny!!!

Sara said...

*clears throat* You have a Bloggy Award waiting for pick up at My Sippy Cup Runneth Over.... ;)

JMBMOMMY said...

Letting go of that control--yeah, hard stuff. I am on the journey too! Oh how I wish my parents lived near and shopped near :) That is great!

Carrie said...

Good luck with your roofing project. If you can get out of the house then do it! We just replaced our roof last month and it drove both of my girls crazy! (All of the hammering and noise.)

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