Thursday, August 28, 2008

What are we thinking?

I have recently learned that I am addicted to something else and that is the Internet. I have been without for 5 days, or longer, and finally got back on this morning!! I have been chaffing at the bit, wondering what emails I had, wondering what was going on in the blogger world, Face book, wow, it makes you realize how much we use the computer in this day and age to keep in touch!!

I have had a fairly eventful time though, last camping trip of the year (in which I saved my dear friend from sure death from a stab wound to the hand!), visiting friends, generally being busy with I am not sure what, and deciding to start trying for another baby....what?? Did I say that?? What are we thinking??????????????????????

Tis a scary time.

Hubby is away from home this week, so I have filled my time up with fun, and some not so fun activities, so I hope and pray that it goes by fast. Did I ever mention that I HATE it when he is gone?

I had an eventful morning, I was supposed to go and visit a friend of mine, but our Internet has been down and this morning was the only time they could come and fix it. So I cancelled that. hum disappointment. When I woke this morning, it felt like it was minus 100 in the house, so off to turn the furnace on...hummm pilot light is out. After a frantic phone call to hubby, he tells me what to do, and I proceed to light everything on fire, and give up in defeat. It turns out, that something is wrong and needs to be fixed. So I have no heat....not that it is THAT cold, but still... As I was setting the house on fire, the Internet man knocked at the door, Gracie was needing help sitting on the potty, and the phone was ringing. I am sure I looked a sight, and he was young and cute, and I am sure my life looked so chaotic!!!

I received the kick a** blogger award from Jamie at Check out her blog, it is so witty and funny, and so real. I am blessed to know her as a true friend, and thank her for the award!

The rules of this award are pretty simple:

• Pick five bloggers that you think are kick a** bloggers

• Let them know they have received an award

• Share the love and link back both to the person that received the award and to

• Hop on back to Kick A** Blogger Club to sign the linky and pass it on – you can also get this at the above link.

So the rules are simple, but I am not going to follow them I am going to pass it on to only one person. A wonderful blogger who is a great pleasure to read:


Carrie said...

Thank you so much! This is my first award and I feel honored! Thank you for thinking of me.

Anonymous said...

Kel told me you guys were trying again... I keep meaning to mention it and then keep forgetting.... Gracie will be a great big sister!!!! Hooray - family of four - on your way to six kids like the Wood's.... he he he!!!

andrea said...

sounds like you have much happening! thanks for stopping by...great meeting you!
have a great week!

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