Monday, March 01, 2010

First week of the Shred!

Monday/day one – huh….well I did it, somewhat better than what I thought I would do. There are three levels to the program, and within each level there are two different girls to watch. Natalie does the full exercises, and Anita does the modified versions. Guess who I was following. I am hoping within a week I can follow Natalie?? Then when I have mastered her, I can move up a level. The way Jillian does it is 3 sets of 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of Cardio, and 1 minute of Abs. I liked Abs the best, because you get to lie on the floor, and it seems like a rest. It is 20 minutes straight of moving, and no rests, and let me tell you as I am typing this my arms are shaking a little! I did think I was going to die a couple of times, but I pushed through it and in the last set, I was very proud of myself that I made it!!

Tuesday/day two – Well I am typing this part before I work out…..I don’t wanna work out….I just know it is going to be much worse today, because I am SORE from yesterday!! I was excited yesterday that I could do two whole minutes of jumping jacks, but nope, no excitement today. Well let’s go and see how we feel after today’s workout. I am going to go and close my curtains so my neighbor can’t see me (I need to take of all my clothes, because this workout makes you sweat….a lot…..) and get started.
I am back. I am shaking again….but I did it. It most defiantly was harder the second day and I hung out with my new buddy Anita most of the time. However, I did find myself taking less five second breaks, and there were two exercises that I did with Natalie….so I upped my game a wee bit. My legs are sore though, I imagine they will be only worse tomorrow. Oh and I think I just drank a gallon of water to replace the gallon of sweat that is now on my living room carpet!!

Wednesday/day three – Getting motivated to do the shred today was very difficult. I was soooooo sore again, hopefully that passes soon. I left it all day, kept putting it off, until the kids were in bed, and then I just couldn’t put it off any more. I turned the DVD on, and stared at the title screen for about two minutes before I put it on. The first set was the hardest this time, I felt like I just couldn’t get through it. But with Jillian being all positive and stuff, I had to continue, and the last two sets were actually not that bad. I did it, I fell into bed….and didn’t move.

Thursday/ Day four – I woke up this morning, NOT SORE!!! Yipee!!!! And I weighed myself this morning and in three days of this shred thing, I have lost 2.5 lbs. Not much, but it is something, so that is spurring me on!!! So today I was pumped and ready to do the work out. I could tell I am defiantly getting stronger, and I did the whole work out on easy, but with NO breaks!! Very happy with myself!! One more day then I am going to try level one watching the hard girl Natalie.

Friday/ Day five - I went grocery shopping today which in my opinion is a great workout, especially with two kids. My day went so quick, but I managed to squeeze my 20 minute workout in. I was not sore at all today, and I felt much, much stronger today and I managed to complete it again with NO Breaks….well there was that one break, where the wee one woke up crying and so I had to run, change her diaper and set her on the floor to watch me. But I am not counting that. I might just hate this again tomorrow, as I am going to start following Natalie…..

Saturday/ Day six – I skipped today….We went out shopping most of the day, and out for supper, and then by the time we got home, with two kids to put to bed….nope, not today!!

Sunday/ Day seven – I skipped today too….Gracie and I had a mother daughter day, and by the time I had my disastrous house in order and supper made we went for a walk instead, the weather is beautiful!! Still I skipped. BAD, Bad me!!!


Anonymous said...

Way to go!!! Hooray for you!!!! The weekends are always harder I find! Good for you for going for a walk on Sunday though instead, better then nothing!!!! Congrats!!!!

andrea said...

way to go! it does feel great to work out, doesn't it!?! feeling stronger is a great feeling, posture changes, confidence rises to the occasion,etc!
i think i read somewhere on Jillian's site that 30 day Shred is actually intended for 6 weeks of workouts ( days off a week) don't be hard on yourself...those poor muscles need to repair!
again, great job...very inspiring!

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