Thursday, December 15, 2011


I have been pondering why I can't find time to blog. I am a stay at home mom, I do like writing, and sharing my thoughts. However I find when I do find time to sit down, the creative juices run downstream.
So in order to try and find the time to blog, I am going to give mobile blogging a try and try to get on the real computer to catch up on my favorite blogs once a week.
I am at the gym right now, on a machine that obviously doesn't require hands, on my handy little smart phone. I am not too sure what my thoughts are on this little device.
On one hand I love my phone, after all here I am with you, killing too birds with one stone. I can email my best friend, text hubby and friends when I am on the go. I can stay in the loop on facebook, I can go shopping on the numerous buy and sell pages. When kids are bored, or cranky, I can cheer them up so quick with a quick game. I however am not on my phone all day long, some texts don't get replied to right away, some emails don't get sent till I am at a real computer (something about a real keyboard, so again we will see how long mobile blogging lasts).
On the other hand, I can see the downfalls of being eternally plugged in. My friend recently just unplugged her family, and the benefits of actually communicating with real people, well can only be great. When you can't unplug, for example, due to work, this I find really frustrating. Hubby's main contacts are email and BBMing, and i find (probably more than he really is) he is on the darn phone all the time. I will be telling him about our day, as he is dealing with a problem at work. What does one do?? I can't demand he turn it off, it's our livelihood.
I am pretty sure that the smart technology debate will continue, I think it is good, but being able to trun it off is better. So turning it off I am.

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