Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Break

I love my kids.

I am not a parent who jumps for joy when summer vacation is over, or silently groans when Christmas or Easter break is looming. I LOVE IT!!!

Maybe it is because I did an exceptional job raising my kids to be a joy to be around...I am sure thats it!

Or maybe I just love them and can't get enough of them.

I only hope that my heavenly Father doesn't' breathe a sigh on Sunday morning when his kids are coming to church to have a visit. Or Wooooo Hoooo so and so is at  (__________), yay I get a break! No He yearns to spend time with us, and I really love to do the same with my kids.

I aint' perfect.

I need breaks....seriously.

just short ones, and then bring em back.

Part of it is how fast time goes, they are gone so quick. Just yesterday I was holding them in my arms where they were 100% dependent on me for food and clothing. Today they are both gone for school. Tomorrow they will be gone, with homes of their own.

I must treasure each fleeting moment.

I love sharing experiences with them, I can't imagine taking a trip anywhere and not bringing them to share it with me. Or Grocery shopping, the biggest complaint I hear, I love the company, honestly.

I do have good kids though.

And when I am around kids that are tougher to be around than my kids, well I guess I can understand and even sympathize with the comments of taking breaks!! I really can.

I guess I am blessed.

So bring on Christmas holiday!! Two weeks off of bliss for this momma!!

I was just browsing on the internet and came across this list and had to laugh doe to my topic of the day I am posting my words in black. 

10 Things You Won’t Hear Moms Say About Christmas Break
  1. We need more plastic battery-operated toys in this house, preferably really noisy ones with questionable volume control. I love battery operated toys, it keeps my kids busy, and you know what sometimes I play with them too!! :)

  2. I didn’t make it to Starbucks once. I never make it to the coffee shop. I make my own coffee.

  3. I wish I could have untwisted just one more plastic tie from packaging Christmas morning. Ok...Yes, what is with all those plastic ties????

  4.  I lost 5 pounds! Maybe this year I will say that! Be positive!!

  5. I’m really bummed that Santa didn’t bring a puppy because that’s just what we need around here—ANOTHER dog. My hubby is bummed!!! he would love another dog. Actually he wants puppies, so that would be multiple dogs. But I guess I am a mom and I have said no, so I guess this one is true....

  6. Why didn’t I just let the kids stay  up until midnight EVERY night and not just New Year’s Eve? Maybe not midnight, but I let them stay up late, what is the fun of going to bed at a decent time when you are on holidays.

  7. Legos, Polly Pocket stilettos, and Hex Bugs. What we need around here are more miniscule toys that hurt like heck when you step on them in bare feet! These are all toys I love to play with, with my kids. And my kids clean up when they are done playing. I don't think I have ever stepped on a lego....I get that it would hurt....but Yeah, we clean up small toys before bed.

  8. I wish that Elf on a Shelf thing went on all year long…can’t get enough of that wacky elf and his antics. Hahahaha. I hate the Elf on a Shelf....I guess what ever works for you! To me he is just one more thing that makes a mom feel guilty if you A) don't have one or B) can't be bothered to make him do stuff every night.

  9. I feel so rested and refreshed after Christmas break, it’s like I’ve been at a spa. Yes!!! And so sad the day I am sending hubby to work and kids to school. Lonely.

  10. Why can’t school be out another week, darn it? Indeed. I'd home school if I could!!!!


Anonymous said...

Very nice post!! Love it when you blog!!

Barbara Morden said...

Home school? Nope, nope, nope! I just wanted to be Mom...

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