Thursday, November 23, 2006

Taking pictures

Chris and I wanted to have some fancy pictures done of Gracie while she was still little, so I went on the Sears website to see what could be done. Well, I came to the conclusion, after looking at some ideas that they had, some props and backgrounds, that we could do it ourselves. We are both creative folks and so we decided to go ahead and do so. Gracie was so easy to pose, she loved being put in things and being allowed to sit up on her own and to play with the "props" It was so easy to make her smile too...she is such a sweetie.
So the first one we did was with my daisies, and then I had wanted to take pictures in the fall with real leaves, but I guess fake ones will do just as well. Then the final picture is our Christmas one that we will hopefully send out with our cards. I also hope to get a family picture done professionally, and send that out too, but time is running short, hopefully we can get that done too.

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Jamie said...

Beautiful pics! I said it before but I do love them!!!

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