Monday, December 11, 2006

Thoughts on life

Has anyone ever noticed that often times when someone dies someone is born?? I think the reason for this is to comfort those who have lost. I noticed this as my grandad died recently, now I know that Gracie is five months old, but I believe that my father (it was his father who passed away) needed Gracie to comfort him. My dad has never been much of a hugger or an emotional type and I don't think his family life was very nice growing up, but on the weekend, all he wanted to do was hold and play with Gracie. My heart melted, first I love seeing men with babies, it is such a sweet thing to watch, but your own father.....It is rather amazing.

My grandfather was an odd man...There are many stories about him, one of my favorites is that his father owned the only ford dealership in Northern England and Scotland...When the model T ford came out they decided as a family to sell the business as that contraption would never sell!!! Well, as you can imagine we are out a few million dollars on that one!! Either way, my dad and his siblings were raised by nannys and wet nurses (which explains the lack of showing emotions I think) and Grandad and Granny were never really the Grandparent Granny gave me a lovely rabbit skin purse when she heard that I hated the skins of animals...things like that.
Mom cried when she heard the news, and my dad said, there won't be that many people crying over him.....And that struck me as more horrible than his passing. I want to live my life so that people would cry when I am gone. I don't want people to morn me for ever and ruin their lives over me, but I want to be missed and loved. I can't imagine.

My dad said in passing once that he noticed that family was very important to me, and it sure is. He seemed pleased that I would love him so much and make every one of my family such a big part of my life, but I can't imagine it any other way. That to me is what true unconditional love is. - This goes for all my family, Walkers, McCalls, Woods, Mulligans, Nibogies, Mordens, Leronowiches, and Collinseseses... True family doesn't have to have the exact same blood running through your veins, true family loves unconditionally, and that is how I love my family. Each and everyone of them has their faults, but this goes to prove to me that they are real, and that life is real and you always have to take the good with the bad, and as long as you are loved the same way in return, what part of life could you not get through?

I am so thankful that my families are around me at this time, when I have a sweet little child to raise. She may be spoiled....Well will is a better word, but she will know the meaning of true love, where someone like my father, may not have known that meaning when he was young. Thank God for that!!!

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Jamie said...

Very well put! I couldn't agree more!!!

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