Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Prayer request

Last night I was sitting on the couch, all comfy, with Josh Groban and Micheal Buble, and I was thinking how important it is for all us mommys to take some time out and just be....to relax, get back in tune with your soul. I was playing around on the computer, so I don't think I was relaxing to the max, that I could and should have been, but it was nice.

A prayer request: At the beginning of the year I made resolutions, now normally I don' tmake reolutions, but I did this time. They were;

1. Stop smoking
2. Quit chewing my nails
3. Quit drinking so much pepsi

Well I succeeded in quitting chewing my nails, and slowing down on pepsi, so I started to quit smoking. Well, pepsi helped my smoking cravings, so that started back up again, and chewing my nails went out the window too. I did manage to quit smoking for 10 days, and I have never felt better in my life....but.....here I am, pop in one nail chewed hand, smoke in the other!!

So I pray that God can give me the strength to do this, I KNOW I can, I just have to tell my brain that. Has anyone gone through similar troubles and have advice??


Carrie said...

Those are some tough goals. I hope and pray that you succeed! I have an addiction to coffee so I feel your pain. Good luck. Keep us updated!

Sara said...

I can sympathize with you because my weakness is Diet Coke and Biting my Fingernails.

My husband is a smoker and, although he has never TRIED to quit, I know it would be difficult for him.

I'll pray for you hun! :)

JMBMOMMY said...

I don't smoke but I am addicted to food and diet coke :) I am currently going through a study that is causing some MAJOR growth in my life and for the last 2 weeks I feel like i am moving in the right direction. I know about 10 people that have smoked for 10-20 years and have all stopped using the medicine that is out now...I have no idea how to spell it..chantex??? But also the site settingcaptivesfree.com has a study that is designed for smokers...it is under the substance bar...called Breathe of Life. I know for me...I kept trying to change all my bad habits out of my own self-control and willpower--and when things got old and hard...those 2 things never pulled through for me. Love your desire to change.

simply-liz said...

Hey there,
right my names lizzie... and i am 23... BUT i used to smoke... USED to.. i was on 40 a day then cut down cos i always said i would quit... then 20 a day, then 10-20 a day ... then i admitted to my mum that i smoked :( she wasnt happy (as u can imagine) and she said to me, "if u wont quit for yourself, quit for me" and it struck a chord with me... and i said ok... and she said New Year do it... so i did, and i havnt had a cigg ALL year, BUT i had to ask Gods help, if u make a thing with him, rather than do it urself it makes it easier.
AND... i bite my nails... so what i did... was...i said ok... i have 10 fingers and 10 nails... ill stop biting one by one... thumbs forst etc... and now i only have one nail i bite!!! and once u concentrate on biting only one or two... it gets so easier...

Let me know how it goes, but my prayers are with you

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