Thursday, August 14, 2008

What I have been doing with my time.

Well here I am, finally. I have been wanting to blog all week, but have not had the time to just sit down and compose one. I don't have long now, weeds are calling my name, but I will do the best I can.

I have been busy most of the week doing everyday tasks and also planning for our 10th anniversary party.

More background info for you;

When we were married, I was 18 and Chris was 19. We were young. As I have said before my parents were very involved in the church, and so since they were paying for everything, it was all done their way. Now 10 years of watching others get married, and how their days went, I have a lot of regrets about my wedding day. I wish I had stood up for what I wanted. My dear mom made my wedding dress, which I chose, and was Beautiful!! That is about all that went according to my ideals. The church service was an hour long sermon, the pictures were a gong show( although they did turn out nice), the reception was cold cuts for supper, corny games, and a gift opening. Hardly any of our friends could go, because the guest list was full of church folk, whom I don't talk to anymore. My friends that did go, all went out after the supper to celebrate...of course we couldn't go ( I don't begrudge them for going, but I do wish we could have had our first dance together, at our wedding!) I had my own gift opening to attend to. I think the reception ended at 9pm sharp! To top it all of I was dog sick with a cold. Now, it sounds like I am miserable about this, and I am not. My parents did the best that they could with the money that they had and the beliefs that they have. My parents are strictly no drinking, no partying kind of people. So being young, with no cash of my own, and inexperienced, that is what I got.

So my hubby and I said for many years, that we would throw a big party on our 10th anniversary, for those people that have been in our lives throughout the years, and that couldn't be invited to the wedding. Well as we all know, life happens, kids happen, mortgages happen, and we felt that we really couldn't afford to spend the money to have this party.

Well, a couple of months ago, my best friend in the whole world, asked us out for supper. So off we went and walked in the restaurant door, to a scene which I couldn't quite comprehend. The restaurant was filled with Family and Friends. Jamie had got them all together and everyone pitched in, so that we could have this party, and plan it how we wanted. It was the most generous amazing thing!!

So that is what I have been working on, invites, slide show, decorating a hall, etc. I do thank her and all the people that made it possible, but I really didn't realize the work people go to, to have a reception!! Wow, and we aren't going all out either!!

Well the weeds are really screaming now, so off I go to put them out of their misery!


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the work! He he he!!!

Carrie said...

That is just a fantasic story! What a long road you and your hubby have been on. Sorry you didn't get the wedding of your dreams but it sounds like you have a marriage for a lifetime. Congrats on 10 years. I hope that you continue to be blessed by all those around you. Great blog!

JMBMOMMY said...

How fun! We also got married young (17 and 18) :) And my wedding story is was a nice wedding..but now that I grew isn't exactly what I would do over again. But I have managed to release it - I think :) And I see it as part of the beauty. We celebrated 12 years this year--and I praise God for that! But one day I BIG OLE' party might be kinda fun!!!

My Goodness said...

Great story!

I think most of us look back at our weddings and wish we had done something differently...I'm glad you now have friends who are going to help you have a fabulous celebration of 10 years! SO WONDERFUL!!

Nice to 'meet' you! You've been over several times, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to come see you.

Thanks for reading my blog...I'll try to be better about visiting you, too!!

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