Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bits and Pieces.

I have been pondering this week what to write in my blog....I am kind of stumped. I want to stay away from everyday happenings, and write about deeper things, but apparantly I ain't too deep this week.

Perhaps it is because wonderful hubby is home this week on holidays. We couldn't really afford to go away, so it has been nice having him around the house pottering around. I have to admit that I am sort of feeling envious of him.....he is on holidays, doing things he likes to do.....playing with Gracie....not at work. He told me that when he was on holidays to think of it like holidays for me too.....sweet of him, but so unrealistic. I of course still have all my regular everyday chores, cooking (which I am NOT enjoying) and don't feel like I am on holidays. I shouldn't complain though, he does make it easier by keeping the little angel out of my hair.

I am looking forward to this evening, the season opener of CSI....I am addicted to that show, I could do with out the excess gore, but I think if I had another life, I would be a CSI, just a glorified Sherlock Holmes!!

I have almost completed my Christmas shopping, that makes me very happy!!

I am reading Gone with the Wind, a little daunting as the book is as big as a two year old child, but good nontheless, it is well written and quite captivating. Scarlette is sure a ___, well!! She is!!

I have just finished reading the Harry potter series, minus the seventh book (no spoilers please!!!) so I am going to start watching the movies again, so that I can have it all refreshed in my mind. I love doing that, reading the book first and then watching the movie.

Well I hope this blog wasn't too mundane, I like to think and learn and be creative, when I read all the other blogs out there, there are so many talented writers, but hey, I need a break from creativity!!


andrea said...

YOU ARE DONE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! have left me speechless. I have nothing else to say!......................................................( christmas shopping isn't even on my radar yet...) Way to go! I did buy my kiddos a snow suit today though!!!

Lizzie said...

HAHA, I am not TOTALLY done, have some gift baskets to buy, but all the kiddos and thoughtful gifts are bought for!! I have a friend that was mostly done in March!!!

JMBMOMMY said...

Christmas???? I as confused as Andrea!!! LOL! Christmas hasn't even crossed my mind--but then again it is still high 90's here on most days....maybe when I feel the first cold wind...I'll be able to think about it. :) Everyday happenings are great--we can't be deep and insightful all the time. Seriously :)

Crystal said...

way to go! wish I could be done my xmas shopping...I was hoping to skip it this year by going on a vacation but plans the way, the Last Harry Potter book is a good one! !

Anonymous said...

Yeppers I am also envious about the Christmas shopping!! If I am done by the end of November I would be thrilled!!! He he he!!! Your blog is great, don't worry!!!

Sara said...

I had to take sort of a double take........ DONE WITH YOUR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING?! Does Christmas come earlier where you live because .. um... You make me look B-A-D!

Are you LOVIN' Gone with the Wind?! I love it... I should read it again! Have you seen the movie?

Harry Potter lover are ya? I haven't gotten into that, but there are so many Harry Potter Book set giveaways around the Blogosphere.. I might win one and give it a try.

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