Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Some thoughts of mine.

I was reading my friend Jamie's blog ( where she discussed the controversial issue of homosexuality...and that sparked a topic that I would like to write about.
I am not going to get into the semantics of weather homosexuality is right or wrong, however for the record I personally do believe homosexuality is biblically wrong. I am not trying to offend, I am just stating what I believe.
What I want to discuss is "Gay rights". Where we live we are given the 'right' to live and believe as we wish. However I do think that in some cases that freedom is denied us. I am proud to be straight, married and a mother...however if I organized a "straight pride day, or parade" I would be branded as someone who is being bigoted, and putting them down. So if that is the case, why is it OK for a "gay pride day" to not offend me? When it would deeply offend a homosexual if I had a "Straight pride day". Is it not what is good for the goose is good for the gander??
Speaking of religious freedoms, along the same lines, is it is very difficult to speak out when you are a believer. I am proud that I have Jesus Christ in my life and my heart, but when a Christian speaks about his beliefs, he is being bigoted against Muslims, Hindu, whatever....but if they are allowed religious freedoms, shouldn't we also?? Christmas is becoming a holiday that is no longer "acceptable" to other religions...and well Christmas is so commercialized now anyways, it has pretty much lost its meaning...but we encourage those of different faiths to celebrate their religious holidays(Ramadan, Hanukkah etc), can they not encourage us to keep ours(Christmas, Easter, etc)?
My rant today, just makes me want more and more to be able to state what I believe in. What would my faith be if I didn't have such strong feelings and beliefs? I don't think that it is right to hate, or judge people for being homosexual or of a different faith, anymore than I think it is right to treat people badly because they are drunks, or drug users, we all do things that are wrong, and to judge others is to place ourselves higher than them, which is also very wrong. We have groups in place that deal with Alcoholics....We have groups in place that deal with Drug use....I don't desire to offend anyone, I really don't, I just am slightly offended that I am not allowed to state my beliefs.
Of course When I mean that I want to have real freedom in stating my beliefs, you do have to understand that Berating, belittling and completely being rude about things is not my intention...I just want to be able to quietly state how I believe.


My Goodness said...

Well said.

And I agree.

Good for you being bold enough to say it!

JMBMOMMY said...

I have always found it intersting that certain groups fight so hard for their rights and are granted...and yet many times Christains are denied the freedom of practice/expression--but no one seems to be concerned about protecting us! But then again...guess this life was never promised protectin right? Interesting post :)

andrea said...

amazing how that works, eh? thanks for sharing your thoughts. makes me think that slowly Christianity is fading our of our society and schools...etc. Like removing the Lord's prayer when I was in school to nothing now. gotta shine our light and love....

Carrie said...


This is a difficult topic and I think that it is wonderful that you did take a stand. I think that b/c of grace many Christians become lazy and sit back instead of taking a stand. Rock on sister you posted a great blog!

Anonymous said...

I agree completely - great post!!!

Amanda said...

Nothing wrong with that! Especially since I agree. Ha! Just kidding.

You have been given a glipmse of Truth and Love. You know Jesus, and know something that most others so not know. YOU have the Joy and Comfort of your Father, and can have total confidence in that.

Many blessings-

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