Monday, December 01, 2008

Oh Joy, oh Bliss!!

Oh joy, oh Bliss.....(Sarcasm)

I am pregnant again!!

Now I am not one of those crazy (wink, wink) people who love being pregnant, I personally hate the swollen fat feeling that we have before we start to show. I HATE the morning sickness (which has been worse I think this time around) I am NOT looking forward to being huge, tired, swollen. I am not as nervous about adding another kid to the brood, but it would be really neat if someone invented a way to skip this part!!!

Especially with a 2 year old running around.

Now I found out last week, (I am about 5-6 weeks along) and my beautiful daughter decides to get some sort of a bug and for the first time in her life is puking and has major runs!! The first night we got home from my hubby's Christmas party to her fast asleep in bed with a massive upchuck....poor kid...Hubby was home so he dealt with the grossness for me. Then Saturday evening I was having some cuddles on the couch with Gracie and she blew again....All over me, down my back, in my bra, in my pants, on my hair....(this was about 10:00 at night) All over her....again hubby was there to deal with it, but I am afraid he couldn't deal with the grossness factor. We had to jump in the shower together before she went to sleep. Poor kid....poor me....I am amazed that I didn't let my dinner go on top of Gracie, thank goodness...what scars would that leave on a child.

Today....Today I was feeling much better. Not so nauseous.... Until...well the runs... Gracie is potty training so she is wearing big girl panties....well you can was everywhere. I really have to steam clean my carpet now... I never did upchuck today either, but I had to clean the carpet best I could, mop, clean the bathroom, clean the kid up....No hubby today!! Oh my...I sure do pray this all passes very soon, for both of us!!!

On to other things. Hubby has a new job, we aren't sure if he starts on the 8th or the 15th, but I do know that he has to fly out on the 15th to Cincinnati, for training. (So I really pray that the above stuff has passed by then!!) We are hoping for some better things, more family time, less time that he has to drive to and from work, and no more being away for a week at a time every four to five weeks. I know that we all get nervous etc, but I do hope that we made the right move that God wanted us to make. I guess we pray for His guidance to make the right moves. The Christmas party was sad that we went to on the weekend, Chris has been with that Company for almost 5 years, and I know most people quite well and I will miss them. I think we all get so comfortable where we are that major changes are quite hard to deal with.

So a world full of changes at this time in our lives....scary, exciting, but mostly scary!! :)


andrea said...

yikes you have so much going on! congrats on the pregnancy and your hubby new job. i too don't prefer the swollen ankles and nausea...adoption was the perfect fit for me... but each child is such a blessing!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I hope Gracie is better soon!! Hope you are feeling better soon as well!!!

JMBMOMMY said...


crystal said...

congrats again!

Jean Stockdale said...

Bless your heart. Life is very rough at your house! I hope things get better quickly. I love routine. God rarely lets me have any, but I still love it. Routine is not good for me, which is probably why I love it so much! Which is why God does not allow me to have it often! Routine can convince me that I can manage without out and that is not good for me. Sounds like you are having lots of change. God will show Himself strong!! blessings

Carrie said...

Congrats! I am so behind and I am glad that I backtracked or I would have missed this. What wonderful news.

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