Thursday, December 18, 2008

Some venting.....again.....

I feel like my only posts lately are venting and complaining....well here I am again....not that I WANT to feel the way I do, but lately I am feeling very overwhelmed and tired and lonely.

Hubby is in Cincinnati....he left on Monday. We were a little late to the airport so I dropped him off and drove back around to park. I came in and JUST caught him with enough time for a kiss and he was gone. That was hard, I had it all planned out in my head, a long affectionate goodbye....ah well. Gracie had spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa's as I had to be up at 4:30 in the morning to take him to the airport. So I came home, and had a sleep until my doctors appointment.

I am officially 8 weeks pregnant, due on July 18, (2 days after Gracie was due)

Hubby had a horrible trip! The plan was late leaving due to it needing to be deiced. So then he missed his connecting flight in Chicago. Then after sitting there for 5 hours, he finally got on a plane and got to Cincinnati. He then got his rental car, and proceeded to try to get to his hotel, making a wrong turn on the interstate. Well he did make it, got himself some supper (after a long wait for it) got some beer and went to his hotel room. He couldn't open his beer, no bottle openers to be found. So someone lent him a screw driver and he opened his beer and it exploded all over him, his room, his laptop..(which thankfully is ok) I felt so bad for him, even though I did have to chuckle a little.

I picked up Gracie from Grandparents and came home. Tuesday and wednesday have been crap. Literally. Gracie is sick again. This time though thankfully there has been no vomiting, but the poor girls bum is soooooooo red and sore, and she screams....Oh I have just been feeling so bad for her. I haven't been feeling too bad so yesterday I lysoled the house, cleaned everything I could get my hands on, partly to get rid of the germs, and partly because if I get sick....well at least it is in a clean house!! :) The poor kid hasn't eaten anything to speak of in two days, at least today she has got a some toast in her, and a few bits and peices. I am just so done with sickness....done...done...done.

I don't like to wish time away....God gave us this time and we will never get it back. I know this. But today I just feel (them feelings again) like going to sleep and waking up and it is monday and we are going to the airport to pick up daddy....I am not in as bad of a mood as I was when I woke up this morning, but ugggg....I suppose we all have these days, and this too shall pass.

I am disapointed too as I did have some plans this week to get together with some friends for some preChristmas joy...not gonna happen...I am not inflicting the runs on other peoples kids at this time of year.

I just hope and pray that the rest of the week goes by better, that I don't get sick, that Gracie is all better. She hasn't been since 6 this morning, so maybe she is on the mend...takes so long to get better with little ones.


Jean Stockdale said...

You poor child. I am so sorry for all the sickness you guys have had and a husband out of is really aot to deal with especially at such a busy time. I pray things will get better soon!! blessings.

Amber said...

You really have had a bad run lately, haven't you??? But this, too shall pass and all your frustrations are temporary. Just remember that and it will make things a lot easier. Hugs for you!

Anonymous said...

I am reading this on Monday when hubby is coming home, but I feel for you, I felt for you and I hope things are so bright you need sunglasses from now on!!!

Amanda said...

Ah ha! I found you! Sorry to hear about all the travel drama... thats never easy on us when things dont go as they should. You are tough and you are resiliant and you are going to bounce back from any grumpy's that snuck up on ya. At least, I will pray you do.

Many blessings!

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