Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oh Kids!

My Gracie complained that her pee hurt, so a good friend of mine who is a nurse offered to test her pee for me. So I went to the cupboard and picked out a clean dry tupperware which I never wanted to use again.

Gracie peed in the "cup" quite excitedly as she has seen mommy do it with all my prenatal appointments. Pee was tested and she does not have any infections which relieved me.

I proceeded to go out for a girls night with said friend, and I get a phone call from hubby to tell me that he had heard a bang, went and found Gracie. The bang he had heard was the cupboard door, and there Gracie was on the toilet, peeing in a tupperware!!

Oh Kids!

So today I am going to head out grocery shopping. The first time with both kids....I am slightly nervous, I am sure though it will be fine....


Anonymous said...

Too funny! Silly Gracie!!!

Amanda said...

Oh you will do great!!!

TOOOOO funny about the tupperware... and I Do believe you can wash it


andrea said...

Oh kids!!! they sure keep us busy and laughing! happy how did it go? those firsts times out are rather tough for me. are you all healed up now too?

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