Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

Each day this week I wanted to sit down and write out something that I was thankful for.....I feel that yesterdays post wasn't as thoughtful and thought out as it could have been, in between cries and bottle feedings, and feeding Gracie, and playing with Gracie, I just didn't have time.

Last night was, for the lack of a better word, Hellish. Alysha has become dependent on her soother and being swaddled tight....and every time her soother gets lost, she cries. Last night she was up literally every half an hour! So today I am mentally exhausted, and physically as well. We have decided that we have lost all her soothers, and are wrapping her with her arms free so that she can learn to comfort herself. Today has been not too terrible, a few tears, mostly from me, and she has slept for her naps. But as we go to bed tonight we are dreading it, as we have no soothers to give her, Gracie is in the next room having to listen to her cries, and both hubby and I are sleep deprived.

So all that I can think of today to write, is please pray that this goes well.....Pray real hard! I am thankful that I can have people pray for me, so I guess that is what I am thankful for this Tuesday. Hopefully tomorrow I am in a better frame of mind for blogging!

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Anonymous said...

Poor you! I hope it went well!!!

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