Monday, October 19, 2009

Thankful Monday

Today I am going to take the time and be thankful for what is most prominent and precious in my life right now, my girls. Too often I find myself wishing away time, till nap time, till bed time, till teething is over, till, till, till. This is a habit that is far to easy to fall into and something that I want to avoid. The time with our children goes by far too quickly, and I cannot believe that Gracie is three already! So for Alysha I have been more careful with my wishes!

Gracie makes me laugh so hard, we all need something to make us laugh and if you need that in your life, a three year old will do the trick. The things that she comes out with are just too funny. Gracie also makes me appreciate the smaller things in life, she makes me to remember to thank God for Teddy bears, butterflies, pebbles, and bees. She also brings that imagination back to life, that I have lost somewhere along the way to adulthood. How to be a princess, or a cat, or a fire "breeding" dragon. How come I forgot how to do that?

Alysha makes me praise God for the miracles in our lives. What says miracle more than little precious babies. Especially ones that smile all the time. It really does amaze me how they develop so much in the first few weeks, going from hardly seeing to recognizing and smiling when momma comes in the room. To flailing and repeatedly beating their own faces, to grasping a rattle or sucking on fist. She has taught me so much more patience, and I really didn't realize how much love one heart can hold!

So on this monday I am thankful for my girls, they give me great pleasure, great frustration, but through it all I become a better mom, a better person for it, and I thank God for the great gift of children.

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Anonymous said...

Like your new title! Your girls are for sure something to be very thankful for!

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