Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Bit by the flu bug


Now me and the kids have IT...

I feel like crap!

So far though I have been able to take care of the kidlets and myself while hubby is at work. He is still not feeling great, finding it hard to get his energy back.

I think the worst part of this illness, is hearing my three month old baby girl coughing...poor thing, and there really isn't anything I can do about it.

Gracie is doing ok, she has got over the worst of it, and there is just a bit of a lingering cough now. No fever. Alysha basically just has a cough and is sorta miserable. And me.....well, I am a whiner when I am sick, but I have this cough, my stomach muscles hurt from coughing...and I am a bit sneezy and feel like I am walking around in a bubble. Hopefully this is the worst it gets, and hopefully I don't run out of Tylenol cold and flu!! Works like a charm!


Amanda said...

My 10 mo old started coughing so I gave her a Vit D3 2000 unit pill and she was better within 24 hours. Vit. D3 works wonders!!!

God bless-

Anonymous said...

Poor you guys! Hope you all recover very soon!!

Kelly said...

Hope you feel better soon

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