Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remembering the ramble

So I was rather excited today to take Gracie to our local community Remembrance day ceremonies. She is old enough to start to understand and pay her respects to those that fought and are still fighting for us. However, the ceremony itself left a lot to be desired. I think that it is getting harder and harder for the younger generation to remember...alot of them have never been touched by war, and even though our country is at war, it really doesn't feel like it, at least to those who don't have a loved one overseas. So our Remembrance day is important and should not drag on and on, and have an old man rambling.

The minister who did a reading and talked on and on and on, was an older gentleman, who I am sure is very nice, and meant well, but because he rambled so much, a reading of "Flanders Fields" was cut from the ceremony. The MC had to boot him from the stage just in the nick of time to observe the silence....and well the kids were so bored. The laying of the wreaths drug on forever and ever as well.

There must be some way to spice things up and make things interesting for the younger generation. I am not talking about making things fun, just interesting enough for them not to tune out. My dearest friend sure made things interesting for me, making her poppy talk, kept us in silent stitches, which I am sure was not at all respectful, but what do you do??


Amanda said...

I delivered cookies.

I think you are right though... there should be some more thought put into how to engage the youth more!


Anonymous said...

Glad I could make it a little more fun... although likely wasn't suppose to be fun!! LOL!! I am totally going to facebook S and see if we can freshen things up - I hope I don't offend - how do you nicely say it sucks I want to help????

Kelly said...

It needs something we will have to brainstorm

Amber said...

OK, this post just made me long for Canada with the poppies and Flanders Fields. Maybe when I was young I had a tough time sitting through assemblies with it but I know in late-elementary school I loved and appreciated it.

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