Monday, November 09, 2009

This n' that

This flu bug that has bitten us has sure taken its time getting out of my house! We all got it last week and we are still feeling the lingering coughs and fatigue! I know that inspite of my cough I am feeling better though because my house is getting smaller and smaller every day! I WANNA GET OUT!! Gracie is feeling pretty good I think, her coughs seem to be going away. But Alysha seems to be holding on to hers a little bit longer.

Something else that I am super duper excited about....its almost Christmas!!! Well, almost time to decorate for Christmas anyways. I am going to have hubby put the christmas lites on the house this week, my excuse is that it is so warm out we should get it done now before it snows bunches. I am so excited to have Gracie help me this year set up the tree, and decorate.....woooo!!

I was looking through some old pictures of my amazing Gracie, and I came across this one.....sooo cute!!

I have cute kids.

I can say that.....they are mine!

Well I think that is all from me today, I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Kelly said...

Good idea with the christmas lights!!!

Crystal said...

my xmas lights stay on the house year round :) and I have some solar ones that stay up year round too...same at my parents.. But yes my neighbours already have their xmas tree up and decorated! And my tree is up too! tho its up year round cuz I'm growing it in my house...I've been thinking about putting the lights and other things on it though, just have to figure out which xmas box they are in in the basement...have fun with the lights and decorating!

Anonymous said...

Why can't everyday be like Christmas??? I am excited too!!!

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