Friday, January 22, 2010

Friendship Fridays

It is time for Friendship Fridays again. Last time I wrote about my dear friend Jamie. This time, I will be writing about her sister. As I said before, Jamie and I have been friends for a long time and I have had adopted her family as mine, and they adopted me too!! So I got another sister, who I love very dearly – Kelly.

I have known Kelly as long as I have known her sister, about 16 years, but we didn’t become super close until the last few years. And now I consider her a sister, one of my best friends, a wonderful mom, a generous heart, a great confidant, and in general someone who I respect and love very much.

Kel and her wonderful hubby!

One of the special things about our friendship is that we have children similar ages, so we get to talk about mom stuff but that is not what our friendship is wholly based on. We talk about work, the guys, friends, anything we feel like, and conversation always flows freely.


Kelly is one of those moms who make it look easy. She breezes through the hard times, laughs at adversity, and smiles in the face of sleepless nights and teething. I know she has the rough times just like the rest of us do, but the way she handles it is inspiring and admirable.

Kelly was also there for the birth of both my girls, not right in the room, her shifts didn't quite coincide with the births, but within a couple hours she was there. She also had a hand in naming Gracie.

Every now and then Kelly and I take a break together, out for lunch, getting pampered at the salon, and our next trip out is getting waxed. I am thinking of switching that one and spending a day at the mall together! I do think it is important to take breaks from your family, and what better person to do it with than a dear friend?

Another thing I owe to Kelly is learning how to swim. I am afraid of putting my face in the water, and many years ago, when Kelly and her sister were house sitting a lovely house with a pool in it, she loosened up my nerves with a few drinks and in the pool we went (I know, probably not a good plan, but it worked!!) She was patient, I was a pain, but she did manage to teach me how to not drown and I can now swim across the pool and back, thanks to her.

I love having someone in my life who is going through similar things, has similar values, thoughts and ideas. She has similar insecurities, we have similar senses of humor, and if I call worried, upset or scared about something, she understands and is such a good listener. I can only hope that I am half the friend she is to me, and I know I don't tell her enough, but I love her so very much, just like a sister.

Kellys kids and my kids attacking me! :) I love it


Kelly said...

Very good post I always like to read about myself!! And I agree I am a great friend and you are too love you lots

Anonymous said...

Kelly is amazing!!! We are both blessed to have her!!!

Barb said...

What a lovely post and such a good idea to express your gratitude in a blog. Keep it up!

Amber said...

How fun to not only have a great friend to become close to her sister as well!

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