Thursday, September 15, 2011

More than a year?? Really??

So today I was reading my friends blog, and I flipped over to my blog and looked at the last date I posted something and it was in March 2010???? What?? Where did the time go??? I really have no idea. I never really decided to stop blogging, I just didn't really find the time. I don't even write in my everyday journal. One thing I have been doing though is keeping a daily prayer journal, so I guess whatever journalism my soul needs is being taken care of.
So why am I back....?
Not sure. Don't know if I will even keep up with myself, or if this is just one more thing on my list to stress about, but we will give it a shot and see, I miss the regular reading into your lives.....

I have had a lot go on in my life over the past year, two of the biggest things are my brother in law passed away, who I have known all my life (my sister married him when I was 5, and so I have really known him 28 years...)and my big girl started kindergarten.

I am going to dwell on the kindergarten this post.

She started school two weeks ago and I am still not over it. It was so hard to relinquish control to some stranger that I have had the pleasure of only meeting once before.
To stand back and watch her awkwardly try and make friends on the playground.
To remember all the times I have screwed up and to know that I will never get a chance to go back and fix it.
To have that babyhood gone in such a quick blink of an eye.
Dearest Gracie,
As you start the next chapter of your life, I am sad. I want to keep you close to me always, to be able to wrap you up in my arms whenever I want and to have you like it.
I don't want you to learn bad manners, and to experience mean kids. I want your life to be innocence. This won't happen.
There have been times when mommy has yelled or been angry when I shouldn't have, and I would be kidding myself if I said that there wouldn't be more of those times. I wish I could take back those times and just held you a little longer. I will try...
I am also so proud, you are so polite and kindhearted. I hope that never changes. You are so smart, reading and writing little letters to everyone, we treasure them. I saw you reach out your hand to a lonely little boy today and you helped him overcome his fears....
I am so happy you are my daughter, and every year as you grow a little more away from me, I will love you more, and be a little prouder!!
Love you all the way to the end and back

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful letter! Don't stress about blogging that would be silly! Just do it when you have time and the mood moves you!!!!

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