Thursday, February 07, 2013

Valentine Challange week 2


So last week, week one's challenge was to look for ways to praise my hubby verbally. I thought to myself no problem. I am not from the school of husband basher, when I get together with my friends I already make a conscious effort to say positive things, when it seems like so many women have issues with their husbands. So I thought that I had this week in the bag!! Well I was able to put a comment on FaceBook about my awesome hubby, and I made sure that he saw it. And when I was about I tried to find opportunities to say nice things about him and build him up, but well what do you know.....My big girl got sick, and really I haven't been out of the house a whole lot to get a breath of fresh air, never mind talk about my hubby. Another thing I was able to do was pray in front of our girls for him, and to thank God for him. I will keep trying though, I think it means a lot to men when their wives praise them and show them respect in front of others.

Week 2  January 28th – This week we will be a little more creative with our praise. I will give you many ideas of fun things you can do to praise your husband such as surprising him with a love message on the mirror, using sidewalk chalk to write on the driveway, making a toast to him at dinner with friends etc. Get creative with your selflessness!

 I think that this week will be a little easier for me, I already have some ideas; Slip notes into his lunch, a romantic dinner in for two (celebrate V day early), ABC notebook about why we love him, 
Sending texts, Emails, and one that I did this morning already, a JIB JAB Card every day!!! 

Here's hoping he notices!!! lol


Anonymous said...

I'm sure he will notice!!

jaksgirl said...

What a great challenge and you are doing great with it! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I will be following you now too. Glad we can connect again as well!
Good luck with the challenge this week!

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