Friday, March 01, 2013

Male Ego/Respect

The male ego is complicated.  
Women tend to “mock” how huge a man’s ego can be, but I think we forget our husband’s ego is tender. 
Deep down our husbands have genuine insecurities.
At one time, men competed to take down the biggest bear or to be the greatest warrior. Now many men look for the job promotion or be a hero in sports. We may question why men have such a need to prove themselves but often it comes from their need to feel adequate or worthy of respect.

Man lives with a challenging combination of great expectations amid great isolation. Hunter, gatherer, warrior, husband, brother but don’t let anyone see you sweat.” Paula Reinhart

Our men need to know that indeed they are good enough and worthy of respect.
“the wife must respect her husband”. Ephesians 5:33

If you find your husband having to tell you how great he is, maybe it’s because he doesn’t think you have noticed. It may not necessarily be that his ego is huge but rather the opposite.
He may be insecure.
As wives, it’s easy to forget the heavy burden that our husband’s carry. 
God made our men with broad shoulders and they carry the weight of the family on those shoulders every day.

Take the time today to talk to your husband and tell him what a great Dad, husband, provider, Hockey Player, Computer nerd, trash carry outer he is! As you build him up, that heavy burden he carries on those broad shoulders will grow lighter and lighter because he will feel stronger and stronger.
Have a blessed day!

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jaksgirl said...

I know my big "tough guy" needs a little "lift" sometimes and I don't do this enough. Thanks for the reminder!

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