Monday, March 04, 2013

Valentine Challenge week 4


As I said last Monday week 3 was hard since we were sick and kissing just wasn't an option....this last week though I decided to give it another shot and well let me tell you...........Kissing is a good thing!!

His response was great, I started out the week giving intentional kisses that had meaning behind them. The week ended by him giving me intentional kisses with meaning behind them. And not one word was spoken about it between us. Interesting......

I am definitely not stopping this one!

And so onto the last week of the valentines challange which I do believe was supposed to end on Valentines day.....I think I am a little late, but what better way to show hubby I love him not on any special day, but all through the year perhaps.

Philippians 2:3 &4 says “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.”

Sometimes it feels like the majority of people who really enjoy Valentines day are the kids – exchanging their Valentines with friends, or those who are dating or those who are outside of marriage. 

It looks like passion was made for everyone else, and the media portrays that after marriage the passion dies…But we are totally missing the boat my married friends!  The romance and passion we see in movie theaters and on soap operas – was meant for US!

God created passion between a man and a woman – and it was created for husband and wives!!

 But we done tend to enjoy that passion, perhaps because life is so full or maybe we aren’t getting along right now or maybe our marriage has grown stale.  Well it’s time to reclaim the passion!  Let’s use Valentine’s Day (what ever day works.....) as an excuse to give our men a little extra TLC.  Let’s live it up in our marriages to the glory of God! 

 These are some suggestions as to what a majority of men want even if they aren’t willing to say it:
1. A great tasting, looking, smelling home cooked meal and home cooked dessert. An example is to have a red dinner on Valentines day -a red drink (sparkling red grape juice), red spaghetti, and red dessert (chocolate dipped strawberries). Pull out the china and crystal (why not its just collecting dust!) and lavish the family with the best you have to offer!
2. Pursue him for a night of passion. (remember you are married – HAVE fun!  Read Song of Solomon if you need some inspiration :) ) Be a *flirt* – wink at him across the table – suggest what is for dessert after the kids are in bed *wink*. Put on something flirty – Loosen’ up and be playful! 
3. Write a letter expressing all the things you admire about him. Last year I wrote a list of ten things I love about my husband and then read it out loud to him at our “red dinner”, in front of of the children. If you are going out to dinner – put your list in your purse and then pull it out in the middle of dinner and read it to him. Trust me – he will LOVE it!
So I wonder, which of the above three do you think your hubby would like most? I think all of our husbands differ – so what they’d really enjoy will be different.  You know your husband best.
Have a blessed day!!


Anonymous said...

Hubby would likely choose number two as his fav option! I agree about the kissing!!

Tamara @ Go Fish Style said...

great challenge!

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