Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Spring Cleaning


Its almost spring!! I know I might be deluded, but hey, a girl can hope right? I am almost done spring cleaning my kitchen, I have cleaned out cupboards, washed said cupboards, cleaned the dishwasher, baseboards, vents, all nooks and cranny's. And today I figured I would finish up by cleaning the oven, microwave and Fridge.

I got the oven and Microwave done, and am looking at the fridge, and I just don't wanna do anymore today think it might be wise to leave it till tomorrow.

So I was browsing around looking for pictures for this post and have come to the conclusion that photographers hire housekeepers and have no clue what it is like to clean a house inhabited by humans and pets because all of their models are
- wearing make-up and have perfect hair
- dressed meticulously
- have coordinated cleaning supplies
- are apparently re-cleaning already clean rooms
I don’t know about you but I clean in my yoga pants,  sans make-up and hair-do!

Since I am sitting on my butt instead of, taking a break from spring cleaning, I wanted to know who thought up this idea. While spring cleaning in the West is relaxed and take it day by day, it's much more traditional and organized in Iran. The ritual, which is done sometime in the two weeks preceding Now Rouz, is called khaneh takani ("shaking the house"), and the custom lives up to its name. Iranians traditionally buy new clothes to wear during khaneh takani. Every bit of a home is scoured and cleaned; nothing is spared. Rugs, drapes, bedding, knick-knacks, floors, ceilings -- everything gets a good cleaning. Fresh scented flowers are brought in to renew the house's vibrancy. Once the house is shaken, the new year -- and spring -- can arrive.

I wouldn't mind new clothes.



Crystal Burkholder said...

good luck with the spring cleaning, I know it's spring cleaning time when I have to finally put away the xmas decorations lmao!

Anonymous said...

Spring cleaning... maybe I'll get to it by the end of summer! LOL!! I love the idea of shaking the house.... really love it!!

jaksgirl said...

I love term "shaking the house"! I am totally going to start calling it that! It feels good to get it done doesn't it?

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