Monday, November 06, 2006

Men?? Do they know anything??

So yesterday was my dad's birthday and they all came over for supper. We had Gracie all dressed up and the dress she was wearing came with those little pant thingys that cover the diaper. She was so cute and sweet. Well at some point in the afternoon I asked my hubby to take her and change her diaper which he did. When he came back he said that he had a problem getting the little pants on, but we thought nothing of it and continued with our evening. It did cross my mind that it was a little odd, since the outfit was a little big for her and the pants were super easy for me to put on, but oh well. Anyways, when I went to change her diaper a couple of hours later, smart hubby had put her poor little waist through a leg hole!!!! It was all askew and tight around her middle, with one leg hanging through a large waist hole!!! Poor thing!!! We had to laugh really hard at the man who can put underwear on properly!!!

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