Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pleasantly suprised

Isn't it wonderful to be pleasantly suprised? This past weekend, as we headed out on our first camping trip with our dear, wonderful, but sometimes willful and tempermental, 2 year old. But there was no melt downs, no real tears. The opposite occured, there was nothing but laughter, and learning and seeing new things. In fact some of the only tears happened when she had to say bye bye to the tent.

She does however have a black eye....she hit the corner of the picnic table, and it didn't look too bad, but today sadly the eye is all puffy and turning color...Poor thing looks like she has been through a war, she has three mosquito bites (which are swollen hugely) and a black eye.

One thing that Gracie did learn was to squeal/shreak. We took her to the Crowsnest river to cool down, and put her little feet in. And she shreaked....and giggled, then shreaked again. When Chris dunked her in, that is when she really found her voice, and loved it. Wanted more....How did she become a real little girl, isn't she still my baby?

To show a toddler all the new things that come with camping is truly a pleasure. It makes you notice the simpler things your self. I don't know when the last time we took so many pictures of flowers and Gracie smelling flowers, and trees, and the sky. What a joy it is to just breathe, and realize what a blessing a simple blade of grass is, a pinecone, oh and what joy!! We get to sleep in a tent!! Teaching her how to roast a marshmellow, or a hot dog, how to blow up the air mattress, how to throw a frisbee, These things we all take for granted, and watching the intense pleasure it gave her was refreshing.

I do really enjoy going down to the Crowsnest pass area, for many reasons. It is beautiful country, the drive down always brings back my longings for the ranch lifestyle. Seeing cowboys riding across the land, ranch houses in the middle of nowhere, makes me think back to my childhood. My father did all that, and it gives me great respect for him. Watching cowboys ride in long sleeved shirts, chaps, in 30 degree weather......I understand now why my dad wears long johns until july!!

Also the pass is so rich in history and tradgidy, the mountain falling, the mines collapsing, fires, the people who live there must truely love and want to perservere there.

Again I suppose I enjoy it too, for all the little things, the interesting trees, the crazy bird that woke us up, the sun setting over the mountains, the smell of pine, the crackle of burning wood, the crisp morning air, the mountain flowers, the fresh breeze, the views, and much more.

We asked Gracie to go in the tent for something, and in her cute little two year old way, she said, "I don't wanna go in the tent, theres a bee in the tent!" (meaning of course a fly)

I do believe that Gracie's favorite things this trip were ; Playing in the dirt with a cup and a spoon, jumping on the air mattress, unzipping the window of the tent when she should have been going to sleep, marshmallows, weilding a really long pointy stick - Again, the joys of being a kid!!

Ahhh, but what bliss to get home, to soak in the tub and wash the grime away. Maybe that is why we didn't realize that Gracie had a black eye, it was covered with dirt!!!

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Anonymous said...

Like the new look of your blog!! I am soooo glad you guys had a great time!!!

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