Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A new Hobby

I finally updated my review blog....Talk about procrastinating!! http://lizziestest.blogspot.com

We are having a baby....I think it just sunk in!! haha! If I go full term, there is only 5 weeks left...wow!! How can that have happened??

4 weeks left until my baby's 3rd birthday....How did that happen??

4 weeks left until hubbys 30th birthday......Again....aren't we just out of high school??

I have big plans for the birthdays coming up, the only thing that could mess it all up is the baby coming...but we will do the best we can!

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, which I can say I am glad about, as I have been having quite a bit of pain the last few days and cramping....I would like the baby to come early, but not this early, 34 weeks is just a wee bit too early.

I have taken up a new hobby.....which I am hoping will one day not be a hobby anymore and perhaps be a lucrative business. I did my own belly pictures (which was not fun with the inexpensive camera we own now) and I have done some pictures of my little nephew Patrick (who by the way is a beautiful baby!) Let me know what you think?? Do you think I can make it in the photography world??


Amanda said...

Wow you are BUSY!!! What a gorgeous family... I hope everything is going really well for you...and that this last little bit doesn't seem like forever!

God bless-

Anonymous said...

I love the pics and of course you know my thoughts on photography I think you can make it huge!!! Wishing you all the best love you lots!!

andrea said...

those are beautiful pictures! i really liked them! thinking of you as you are waiting for this baby and praying that baby can hold off a little longer!

Crystal said...

Your pictures are awesome :) if I lived closer I'd hire you. Good luck with the pending arrival of baby #2!

toomanywhatifs said...

I think your photos are lovely! Especially the belly shots, the lighting is really nice.

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