Monday, January 28, 2013

Fitness Fuss

I need to start eating more healthy, but first I need to eat all the junk food in the house so it's not there to tempt me anymore. 
They say that there is no easier way to loose weight than to eat less and workout or exercise more. Really??

I'd like to know who said this and find something hard to hit him over the head with.

I have learned a lot in my weight loss staying the same journey. That every body is different. What will work for some will not work for others....

However one day I would like to find the secret for my body. 
And what's up with all these people saying "It seems like you're doing everything right." You know what I think about that? 
If you're "doing everything right" but not getting results, then you're doing something WRONG, as hard as it may be to believe. 
The definition of crazy is doing the same thing repeatedly expecting a different result. If it's not working, and you don't enjoy it, then you need to try something new. 

Now I have a dear friend, who gave up trying to loose weight and exercise. Lost the stress of worrying about it, and lost a ton of weight.....

I wish I could do that...when I don't watch it, It creeps up, pants fit a little tighter, and I don't feel good at all.....

Well, I don't want to appear crazy, so perhaps something new is in order...but what?? hm-mm, will have to ponder that one for a while.....

"Many a person who goes on a diet finds out in short order that they are poor losers."

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Anonymous said...

I wish I knew the secret for you too! Perhaps what you want in your head isn't what your body wants to be......... but then that doesn't make a lot of sense because if you are at where your body wants to be you should feel good and you said you don't.............. I hope you come up with the answer!!!!

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