Monday, February 04, 2013


Its Monday again. The beginning of a new week. Which means I always try and get my head in the right space, whatever that may be, for the rest of the week.
This week, I am done with making excuses. I blogged last week about frustrations with weight loss, and I have to admit to myself that it is my own fault that I have these frustrations. One that I care so much to be frustrated and two, I pretty much know full well why I can't seem to loose the weight I want to loose.

80% of any weight loss program is the food you eat. 20% is exercise.

And since I love exercise and running, well......
I need to cut the food......I do well, but I am not consistent. And I am pretty sure that consistency is the key. As it usually is.
I know full well that I will eat the things I enjoy. In moderation. 

But until I get where I want to be, I need to behave!!!!

So here goes. Here's to a consistent week, and we will report back next Monday!
Have a blessed Day!!


Crystal Burkholder said...

good luck :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck!!!!

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